Damask Infotech

Our Services :-

As a generic BPO, Damask Info Tech offers a wide ranging span of services that demonstrates that we are not domain-limited. DITs technology-driven call center services can enable you to provide your customers with high-quality call center services. While there are core areas of expertise, we constantly look for new domains, new processes to take on and add to our list of expertise. The following are a list of call center services that Damask Info Tech offers.

Financial / Accounting/ Compliance.

Payroll Services/ Recruitment.

Dedicated Enterprise Back Office Services.

Transaction & Order Processing.

Blended services- voice + data.

Business Intelligence Services.

Data Verification, Data Capture & Data updation.

Inbound Customer Support via voice/ email/ chat.

Technical Support, Complaint & Feedback center.

Telemarketing, Collections, Lead Generation & CSurveys.

We provide low rates voip minutes.

We are specialize in developing new centers with A to Z solutions.

We also provide Data for all the campaigns.

Content Management, Web Design & Programming. Research and Analytics.

We provide lease line connection, PRI lines (Primary_Rate_Interface) , Dialers.

We provide good International as well as domestic campaigns with lucrative earnings.